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Blue Surge (Pvt) Ltd. is a technology based company created after years of rigorous Research and Development into sustainable energy by our team of engineers and civil scientists.

The Company has a portfolio of foundry, mechanical manufacturing and plastics works since 2012, and is striving in the research and development of renewable energy solutions and products since 2010.

The company is applying itself to develop renewable energy systems based on advanced technology with high productivity. The major products includes PV water pumping systems, PV power supplies, Energy Efficient Pumping Systems, Solar Thermal Products, Solar Street Lightings and etc.

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Our ambition is to develop sustainable society through new technologies in various fields of science. Our vision hovers around three Read More


Blue surge’s business model is to provide superior quality products and services through product research, development, and performance study, and Read More

Management Philosophy

At Blue Surge we strongly believe in assigning best resources to each project who will manage the project from its Read More

Quality Policy

We apply strict quality to all our products and services with and on behalf of customers specific to their requirement. Read More

Golden Motor

Golden Motor Technology Co Ltd is emerging as one stop shop for key components of personal electric vehicles(PEV), Read More

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