Feeding the grids

We offer Grid Tied Inverters from our value principle of On-grid inverters i.e Zever Solar (Part of the SMA Group)

Zeversolar offers all kinds of on-grid photovoltaic inverters from 1.5KW to 1MW. Meanwhile, Zeversolar distributes monitoring products, such as PMU and Solar Cloud, to satisfy special monitoring requirements. With full range of quality products and a customer focused service system, Zeversolar products have been widely used in dozens of countries and regions all over the world. Up until now, Zeversolar stands at the second place in the general ranking list of Photovoltaic Inverter Brand in China 2012.

Some of the salient features of our On-Grid Inverters are as follows:



  • Maximum efficiency of 98.2%
  • Wide range of DC input and MPPT voltage
  • High protection class: IP65
  • Comprehensive function of fault detection
  • Certificate: VDE,CE,G59,CQC
  • Three-phase feed-in design
  • High reliability

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