Blue surge maintains a complete, high production sand casting and investment casting facility in Islamabad. We cast parts ranging in size from a fraction of an ounce up to 150 kg. We maintain close linear tolerances on a wide variety of shapes including closed angular passages, undercuts, sharp corners, cling holes, and thin walls.Our experienced Process Control and Metallurgical engineers are masters at producing high quality castings

We can offer Green Sand and Resin Sand Casting.

We offer state of the art investment casting service to our clients with high level of accuracy and precision.

On opting for investment casting, you are guaranteed the best performance and durability of your product. We offer engineering expertise with every quality part that we sell.

Our team of experts are always willing to show you how we can offer top quality parts at total lower costs.

While many parts we make are for new applications, investment casting still offer a functional, cost effective alternative to parts currently made by sand casting, fabrication, welding or other production methods.

We also provide Heat Treatment services to our clients infact Heat Treatment constitutes the corner stone of our services portfolio. At Blue surge’s foundry, we provide a wide range of heat treatment services - with value additions such as machining and forging - from our own plant in key engineering clusters.


Sand Casting

The sandcasting process involves the use of a pattern made from wood, resin or aluminium, around which a molding box Read More


Blue Surge maintains a complete, high production investment casting facility. Intricate parts that would be expensive or impossible to machine Read More

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